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Baby’s taking a nap… Laundry is in the dryer… Time to squeeze in a little card-making time!!

I’ve been working on putting together invitations for Abbey’s 3rd birthday party and they are coming along pretty well! She decided this year she wanted to have a fairy princess themed party and she loves Tinkerbell so that was the starting point. Her favorite color is purple and she is VERY girly so I tried to make the invitations as “Abbey” as I could. Here is the starting sketch for what I had in mind >>


I found some adorable Tinkerbell stamps online and decided to emboss Tink and a butterfly onto a shape to add dimension. The party colors I decided on were purple (of course), pink, and green, so I used the purple (a couple different purple printed papers) as a background and went with the soft greens for the oval shape to emboss Tink on.


I wrapped some hemp twine on top of the purple part of the card and attached the Tink ovals on top with 3D dots. It ended up pretty cute!



And finally I glued some paper flowers in bunches along a couple of the sides of the ovals and accented them with some glitter paint in the middle. I sloppy stamped the girl’s names on the envelopes with a dragonfly stamp underneath (which was part of the Tinkerbell stamp set).

Here is the final product… Hope you like it! >>

1 Year & 1 Baby Later…

1 Year and 1 Baby Later…

Nine months of nauseated pregnancy, one short delivery morning, and 3 months of caring for our new baby later…


It was a LONG road but I am finally on the other end of my second pregnancy and I am ready to dive back in! Or maybe steadily head back in one step at a time… I’ve been soaking in my time with Jackson while he’s still so so tiny and trying to memorize his teeny baby smells and sounds. They grow out of this stage so quickly!!!

I’ve been painting and crafting whenever I have a free moment (the free moments when I choose not to get some sleep haha) but Jack is slowly getting better at his nighttime sleeping which means my free moments should soon be a bit more energized.

Here’s a photo our latest and littlest love… Jackson Micah.


Isn’t it?!

Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet. That’s why color appears so entirely dramatic, to true painters. Look at mont Sainte-Victoire there. How it soars, how imperiously it thirsts for the sun… …For a long time I was quite unable to paint Sainte-Victoire; I had no idea to go about it because, like others who just look at it, I imagined the shadow to be concave, whereas in fact it’s convex, it disperses outward from the center. Instead of accumulating, it evaporates, becomes fluid, bluish, participating in the movements of the surrounding air.

Paul Cezanne (via drawpaintprint)


Yes, I am one of those weird Moms who plans their children’s birthday parties months in advance! And I embrace the weird! Abbey will be turning 2 in May (tear…) and I have been collecting ideas for her party for a little while now. The theme has gone back and forth, but I think the final decision will ultimately be Winnie the Pooh.

Abbey LOVES Winnie the Pooh. She loves him SO MUCH that we even waited in line at Disneyland for 2 hours last year so she could get a picture with him. My one-year-old waited in line for 2 hours without a complaint, to meet Pooh. That’s serious love. So what better a theme for her birthday party than Pooh?! We have gone back and forth because she also likes Abby Cadabby and Mickey Mouse, but we’re pretty set on Pooh… her love for Pooh is unwavering.

So here are the ideas for cakes, decorations, and activities, and of course, if you’d like to see the whole Pinboard of ideas I’ve been collecting for all of the themes, take a look here: Abbey’s 2nd Bday Pinboard