1 Year & 1 Baby Later…

1 Year and 1 Baby Later…

Nine months of nauseated pregnancy, one short delivery morning, and 3 months of caring for our new baby later…


It was a LONG road but I am finally on the other end of my second pregnancy and I am ready to dive back in! Or maybe steadily head back in one step at a time… I’ve been soaking in my time with Jackson while he’s still so so tiny and trying to memorize his teeny baby smells and sounds. They grow out of this stage so quickly!!!

I’ve been painting and crafting whenever I have a free moment (the free moments when I choose not to get some sleep haha) but Jack is slowly getting better at his nighttime sleeping which means my free moments should soon be a bit more energized.

Here’s a photo our latest and littlest love… Jackson Micah.


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